To see if we'd be a good fit, I always read the first five pages of a manuscript and give detailed feedback, which will give you an idea of my style and how I work.

After that, I charge $5 per double-spaced page.

Contact me at to discuss your project and ask me any questions about my services.



Have you finished your novel or memoir, but want to know if it’s ready to send to an agent? Or have you been sending your manuscript to agents, only to get rejections? My road to publication was a rocky one, resulting in hundreds of rejections on my first four novels. I received a two-book deal on my fifth novel in 2006, just as I was starting my MFA program. I have learned many things the hard way and I enjoy helping other writers avoid some of these pitfalls.

The number of writers seeking agent representation increases every year and competition is fierce. It is more important than ever that your manuscript be as perfect as possible before sending it to an agent or publishing it yourself. I can give you valuable feedback on your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to characterization, plot, structure, prose style, etc. I provide this in a comprehensive written report that includes a summary of what works, what needs to be improved, and suggestions on how to strengthen the manuscript. My comments are sensitive, but also practical and to-the-point, enabling you to make progress.


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Writing an effective query letter to an agent can be almost as difficult as writing your novel! For a flat rate of $100 I will help you craft an effective agent query. Write to for more info!

Wendy Tokunaga

Novelist, Manuscript Consultant and Teacher